Mixing business with pleasure is always a delicate matter. Your generous donation covers my time only, other expenses should be covered by you. If we are starting our date in private, placing your donation in an envelope with my name on it in an easy to see location would be appropriate. If we are meeting in public then handing me your donation in a small gift bag would be discreet.

Should you desire to forward my fee ahead of time I would be happy to forward you the necessary information. You can also include the anticipated expenses for our date after which you can enjoy our date without needing to bother yourself with any financial details. Finally, if you provide me with an idea of what you would like to do I would be happy to plan our time together allowing you to arrive and just enjoy.

Please do not ask me about "services". In such circumstances I will unfortunately need to call off our date.


1. Why are you doing this?

I have been in conventional relationships and am now at a point in my life that I want to explore something different, something that society has too often looked askance at. I find each such date to be exhilarating and have found that I can put a lady at ease so she too can enjoy this lifestyle.

2. I've never done this before.

While that may be the case you have been on a first date before. I structure my packages precisely because it is important to get to know your date better. Think of this as a date that you can control - your wants, needs, and desires are paramount. A date where the evening is about you and making you feel like the center of the world.

3. Why are your rates so high?

I believe that quality has a price. My wish is to provide companionship to women who have thought about this and have decided that they truly wish to explore this realm. These rates allow me to accept only a small number of dates and to provide my dates with the level of attention that they both deserve and expect.

4. Can you send me more pictures?

I apologize that I cannot. Discretion is important to both of us. It is best if we are out at your corporate function that I not be recognized by another person who may have come across my website.

5. How will you be dresssed?

Whether it is suit and tie or jeans and turtleneck I will be dressed appropriately for our date. My suits are custom tailored and I find shirts with french cuffs are always in style.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment only cash. My compensation is quoted in USD. I will accept some other currencies at whatever the exchange rate is when we meet; please contact me so I can confirm it is a currency I will accept.

7. I want to explore more. Can you bring a lady with you?

I have some ladies that I can contact who would be pleased to join us for part of our time together or for our entire date. I will be happy to suggest ladies that will meet your wishes.