About Me

My life experiences have been varied, giving me a great appreciation for the world. Growing up in the heart of a large world class metropolis, I learned to love the arts and fine dining at a young age. Though formally educated at some of the finest schools in the United States, my experiential education traveling the world has been just as important in forming who I am. For even more you can read more about me in my blog.

Although trained in an engineering discipline my career has involved a mix of technology, business, and the use of technology in helping a business succeed and grow. As a senior manager that has meant working with global teams, absorbing and learning from a wide range of cultures.

Some of my interests include travel, opera, rock music, fine dining, my wine cellar, and sports. Well read, well versed in the events and issues of the day, I enjoy exploring the mind, finding that it enhances the pursuit of the sensual.

I am versatile enough for many roles: as a date to a corporate function, a travel companion, or just an evening away from it all to relax and play.

I can often be found in NY, Boston, and Toronto but I am available to travel to you worldwide. Come, join me on an exhilarating adventure.


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